If you followed the link on HN, then the original article is here.

This is a follow-up to a previous HN discussion for the original article.

Comfy HN is a user stylesheet for Hacker News that was developed to scratch my own itch, and tuned to the feedback from actual HN users. The changes are purely superficial; body font set to bigger Helvetica, voting arrows made easier to click, some padding was added.

I believe all of that adds up to make a difference in the user experience.

Some of the ideas came from the discussion thread for the front page concept, and made it into this finalized version.

Getting feedback helps shape any new design substantially. Since I've seen it evolve, it came to be on the screen in front of my face -- it's hard to try take look at it with new eyes, to see it as it is.

Click above to see a 1:1 preview. And here's the code.

I'd like to thank those who had something to say about what they saw and how they feel about it, for the bug reports and the patches, for the ports. It was great.

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changed April 27, 2012