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written on 15th of January 2011

This is a follow-up to a previous HN discussion for the original article.

After seeing there's some interest in the personal user.css I've put up for scrutiny the other day I've decided to finish it. I'm down with some random bug and will stay at home this weekend, the fever makes my head feel like it's full of hot cotton candy; so that's about all I can be doing right now anyways.

Several interesting ideas came up in the HN thread for the front page concept, some of them made it into this finalized version.

There was talk of newspaper pages, the Vietnam War, more Helvetica, fallback typefaces, a serif variant, vote arrows being hard to hit, and finally the page feeling too airy (I liked that).

Getting feedback helps shape any new design substantially. Since I've seen it evolve, it came to be on the screen in front of my face -- it's hard to try and look at it with new eyes, to see it as it is.

  • Original HN Layout

  • Comfy Helvetica

  • Comfy HN (Helvetica)

  • Comfy HN (Palatino)

You can see full-size before and after above. And here's the code.

I'd like to thank those who had something to say about what they saw and how they feel about it, for the bug reports and the patches, for the ports. It was great. Better than I anticipated.

Have a nice weekend everyone, I think I'm going to go lay down now.

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