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written on 13th of January 2011

Comfy Helvetica Frontpage

A couple of days ago I have caught the re-styling bug again, as I sometimes do. Got fed up with the stock layout of Hacker News, and just had to do something about that. At 2AM, naturally.

The main things to bother me were:

  • the colorful header pulled my attention away on every pageload
  • got a bit tired of staring at tiny Verdana
  • wanted to clean up the layout (not that there is anything wrong with the stock one, I just like my space)

So I set it in Helvetica, blew the size of everything way up and padded the layout some; I used a marvelous Safari 5 extension to apply my user CSS (it is a work in progress), and though the styles are incompatible with other browsers as of now, you can still get a feel of what I'd consider a more readable front-page. It works for me, is what I'm saying.

Here's a before and after. And here's the code.

I'm aware of it being quite vain. Maybe you'll find a use for this still.

before after

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changed February 8, 2011